All About Me

As a child, my favorite thing to do was to sing and dance through the house. The big mirror in my parents' bedroom was my first stage where I celebrated many star performances in front of an imaginary audience.

I started attending a performing arts school during my teenage years, and I was able to fully develop my passion for the stage. I quickly knew that this was my purpose in life. The stage and the spotlight felt like home, a place where I could live in the moment for every different role. I love delving into different characters and applause is my greatest motivator.

After graduation, I moved to Cheltenhan to study performing arts. I studied under a renowned university professor and am eternally grateful to him for his inspiration. Without his guidance and advice I would not have been able to get to where I am today.

For the past few years, I have been living in Cheltenhan but travel most of the time for work. Now, after some successful performances on TV, I am focusing on my true passion: the theater.

When I am not on stage, I love to run. I train as often as possible and regularly run half-marathons. I am currently training for my first marathon and am confident that I can finish with a good time.